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Curriculum Vitae

Current Research

The Reddest Quasars:
Optically Obscured AGN in the Universe

Elliptical Galaxies: Stellar populations, evolution, distances
In particular: M32, NGC3379

The Fornax Cluster
2dF Redshift Survey

The Coma Cluster of Galaxies:
Various imaging projects, deep and wide

HST and Keck Quasar Snapshot Surveys
for Gravitational Lenses

An HST/STIS UV-Optical Next Generation Spectral Library of Stars

Bent Double Radio Sources:
Flags for Galaxy Clusters

The FIRST Survey
Source identification and characterization

Selected Preprints/Reprints:

The Reddest Quasars (postscript version)

Michael D. Gregg, et al., 2001, Astrophysical Journal, in press

Discovery of a Classic FR-II Broad Absorption Line Quasar from the FIRST Survey (postscript version)

Michael D. Gregg, et al., 2000, Astrophysical Journal, 544, 142

A Close Separation Quasar Lensed by a Gas-Rich Galaxy (postscript version) or (pdf version)

Michael D. Gregg, et al., 2000, Astronomical Journal, 119, 2535

Discovery of a Radio-Loud/Radio-Quiet Binary Quasar (postscript version) or (pdf version)

M.S. Brotherton, Michael D. Gregg, et al., 1999, ApJ Letters, 514, L61

Galaxy Disruption and the Origin of Intracluster Light in the Coma Cluster (postscript version) or (pdf version)

Michael Gregg & Michael West, 1998, Nature, December 10, 1998, 396, 549

Imaging With STIS: Astronomy at V=30

Michael Gregg & Dante Minniti, 1997, PASP, 109, 1062

The Coma - Leo I Distance Ratio and the Hubble Constant

Michael Gregg, 1997, New Astronomy, 1, 363

Of Additional Interest:

Leave it Alone

Bruce Jenkins
San Francisco Chronicle, April 2, 1999

Chile Peppers

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